Always in Top Quality

Quality is important for the overall experience of our brand.

We believe that quality is the most important factor when looking at customer satisfaction. That's why we always make sure to have the best quality clothes, whether it's our vintage clothes or our own collection. We checks all our products carefully by looking at material and production.

All our t-shirts from our own collection are produced in 100% organic cotton. Our regular fit t-shirts have a weight of 190 G/M2 and our box fit t-shirts have a weight of 240 G/M2. This helps to create a high quality and luxurious feeling when wearing our t-shirts.

Did you know that we print our own clothes?

In parallel with our vintage clothes, we also produce our own collections. We start from the best styles and are inspired by cities from around the world. Our private label takes its inspiration from your favorite vintage jersey, without you having to compromise with used clothes. We have a close collaboration with our supplier who prints top quality clothes on the market.

Used clothes must still be in good condition!

All our vintage styles are carefully checked and washed before being put up for sale. We handpick the best styles from around the world for you. Each style is unique and tells a story. With our vintage styles, you support the climate and contribute to sustainable development. With us, you can shop for vintage clothing safely, easily and quickly.